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17 August 2011 @ 04:15 pm

I had an interesting weekend. Though I was VERY happy to get out the damn house. I went to a wedding to my mother’s child hoof friend. I STILL don’t know what to do to my hair.. so I just wore it down. It’s nice to see that it’s growing however. The wedding it’s self was alright.. THE TEXAN HEAT OUTSIDE WAS NOT! I do NOT recommend weddings outside.. luckily there was a overcast, or I would have said NO. But yea, it was the usual cheesy romantic crap, and the reception was alright as well. Then afterwards… my mother and I went to Oklahoma wither her High School “ friend” .. I put that in quotations due to the fact that her affair with this man is very obvious. More proof shall be told later, just know he’s a truck driver.. and we went to windstar casino in an 18 wheeler. Lol It was my first time in a casino.. it was VERY overwhelming, andI felt so clueless. Yet I kinda wanted to stay there for a long time. Get blasted and waste 2K. That kinda fun. Lol I managed to make a little more than I spend, so I was very proud of myself. When we were almost done, it was around 2 a.m and I was awfully sleepy. We got back on the truck and I went to sleep. ( I was later awoken to get on the top bunk..)

Dear mother.. I hope you don’t read this.. but I’m horribly disgusted with you at the moment.

I won’t say all the details.. But I know you two were having sex underneath me. How could you? and then later on try to casually play it off with your usually childish playing with eachother? I silently cried.. though no tears came out. I put on my head phones, and listened to Vanitas over and over again. You can do whatever you want with your life.. but I cannot forgive you for lying to my my step father, YOUR husband who has done nothing but supported you.. Yes.. he’s moody and a lot to deal with.. I can’t stand him most of the times.. You for that matter as well.. but you cannot sit here and LIE to us. I cannot stand liars. It hurts me even more because you TOLD me yourself that you were cheating, and now you deny it, saying you’re just friends? Shame… The house…it’s so quiet now.. They don’t speak to eachother, my stepfather is in his own world dozing off into the tv.. slowly dying because of his sickness.. My mother cowers into her room… Such a tense house.

Anyhow… we went back home.. and I’m stuck in the house 24\7 again. I hope I can see Dir en grey this year.. This is NOT a good year. I’m changing it all this school year, gotta loose back the weight I gained however…
M.lumineaux_xx on August 17th, 2011 10:17 pm (UTC)
you.are.so.presh. *3*
Vodkamangokitamura_love on August 17th, 2011 10:41 pm (UTC)
hahah daww thanks. Though if it wasn't for my nice nature, this entry would have a MUCH more color vocabulary! >O

But it's nice to hear from you~ <3 <3 * hugs *